On-Demand Mobility, Driverless Vehicles – We stand on the threshold of what can realistically be described as the largest and most important shift in transportation in a century.

Connected Car

We help carmakers transform their product into an interactive device for connected consumers.

We believe in e-Mobility! In­-car software and mobility apps related to smart grid infrastructure as an intelligent interface to the customer.

Public Transport System

Public Transportation should use analytics to make smarter, real-time decisions while also seeking ongoing customer experience improvements.

Multi-Modal Transportation

Unlocking the future: Let's make use of increasing efficiency by sharing transportation capacities and digitalisation.

We help our partners to compete for the connected consumer, to improve people’s ability to move safely and efficiently from point A to point B, for a better, more productive life.

Embedded Vehicle System

Prototyping and technological concepts for software-based functions in embedded vehicle systems.

We created an easy-to-use and future-proofed tool which combines all worldwide digital activity of car2go.

The fa UX & UI design teamed up with the carmaker to create a UX- focused 'car-sharing experinece'.

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