Health care and fitness companies should continually add new services to keep customers' attention and build value.

Digital-Health Innovation

We support digital-health companies by enabling the exchange of health data – a vital enabler of more efficient care delivery.

Wearable Health Technology

The nascent Internet of Things could open vast opportunities to health technology companies – we design wearable devices such as fitness accessories.

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

We help clients across the life science industries innovate and sustain their performance through User Experience Innovation.

The potential of digitalisation is well understood, yet health care systems and fitness companies are struggling to convert ambition into reality.

Mobile Patient Access

Healthcare consumers are embracing digital health tools, but they aren’t always willing to share digital health data. We´re using healthcare IT to improve secure patient access.

HelmholtzZentrum Munich

Development of responsive website concept, optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile devices together with fuenfwerken. 

Helios Online

Online health magazine across various digital touch points for Fresenius HELIOS, the largest private providers of inpatient and outpatient health care in Germany.

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