Financial Services have been using digital technologies to help transform various areas of their business. There’s an even bigger opportunity – go all digital.

Digital Banking

Digitize your existing businesses and develop a new experience of digital offerings according to your customers' needs.

The key to growth – Together we focus on customer experience and automating the insurance industry.

We strongly support FinTech start-ups and their innovative boost by our transfer of know-how.

Let us create digital wallets, financial management services and digital payment solutions with a clear customer focus.

We provide expertise across FinTech companies, asset management and financial service providers. We help our partners identify opportunities and make sense of the digital landscape so together we can create new ways to reach current and future customers. 

Mobile Banking

We designed an elegant and intuitive mobile application that helps customers access their accounts and stock transactions anywhere they go.

Modern businesses need new financing solutions. To help Spotcap´s customers keep a sharp eye on their Credit LinCe, we developed an integrated UX strategy to improve user experience.

Insurance on the go

On-demand service for insurers. A design challenge exploring ways to offer and transform data into mobile concepts that change and enhance our experience of feeling safe.

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