The aim of our work is to provide organizations and decision-makers with innovative ideas to cater to the competing desires and changing needs of the connected consumer. Together we explore the consumer journey to live, work and play better.

We make the smart home a reality by sending relevant alerts to family members using intelligent appliances, secure monitoring and energy saving systems. 

We build prototypes for improving social platforms and services, helping us to transform our passions, share resources and take an active part in our digital age.

We provide digital know-how to develop new products and services for wearables and mobile applications, and create new ways to interact with the consumers.

Digital technologies and on-demand services are helping us optimize our days, allowing us to accomplish more with less time and effort.

Digitalisation means taking advantage of excess capacity and a sharing economy to bring together customers and suppliers using digital and mobile. We simplify the value chain by using a peer to peer technology with little incremental costs to scale. 
Let us unlock the potential of the Internet of Things.

Zalando App Experience

Zalando approached functionalaesthetics with the goal to design an app that creates the best fashionable shopping experience for mobile.

SES your satellite company

In cooperation with MetaDesign we translated the offline brand into an exciting and accessible “look & feel” that appealed to a global audience.

Digital Brand Experience

A brand experience platform for Allianz to stimulate scenarios by mobile applications, multi touch and interactive tables. 

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