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Design Thinking Workshop


As a program manager at the HPI Academy, Flavia will focuses on a tangible learning process. Using the Design Thinking process to solve a practical challenge, you will see how all these skills instant feedback, iteration fast−forward problem solving, user−centered perspective−taking, and interdisciplinary teamwork can jumpstart your idea generating process.


This high-energy, two-day course will give you a thorough overview of the principles, key tools and terminology of Design Thinking. Based on the mindset and principles of HPI School of Design Thinking (Stanford, Potsdam) the course will take a hands-on, ‘Learning-by-Doing’ approach to teaching the fundamentals of Design Thinking.

On the first day, you will go through a short, interactive introduction to the Design Thinking innovation process. The major part of the two days, however, will be spent hands-on, working on a real challenge using the methodology and tools of Design Thinking. While theory is important, you really learn by seeing the methodology in action.

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Munich - Workshop Courses
Thursday 22.03.2018 and Friday 23.03.2018
Thursday 26.04.2018 and Friday 27.04.2018

Berlin - Workshop Courses
Thursday 03.05.2018 and Friday 04.05.2018
Thursday 24.05.2018 and Friday 25.05.2018

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