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February 15, 2018 - No Comments!

Weekend Activity Vienna


fa Members only – a Weekend in Vienna

Let us enjoy Wiener Schnitzel, MuseumsQuartier, Sachertorte ... and let´s visit Oriol 🙂
We´ll meet in Vienna - fa is providing accommodation.
Who is in? Just text me > Chris



February 14, 2018 - Comments Off on Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop


As a program manager at the HPI Academy, Flavia will focuses on a tangible learning process. Using the Design Thinking process to solve a practical challenge, you will see how all these skills instant feedback, iteration fast−forward problem solving, user−centered perspective−taking, and interdisciplinary teamwork can jumpstart your idea generating process.


This high-energy, two-day course will give you a thorough overview of the principles, key tools and terminology of Design Thinking. Based on the mindset and principles of HPI School of Design Thinking (Stanford, Potsdam) the course will take a hands-on, ‘Learning-by-Doing’ approach to teaching the fundamentals of Design Thinking.

On the first day, you will go through a short, interactive introduction to the Design Thinking innovation process. The major part of the two days, however, will be spent hands-on, working on a real challenge using the methodology and tools of Design Thinking. While theory is important, you really learn by seeing the methodology in action.

fa Team Members only – Please register now.


Munich - Workshop Courses
Thursday 22.03.2018 and Friday 23.03.2018
Thursday 26.04.2018 and Friday 27.04.2018

Berlin - Workshop Courses
Thursday 03.05.2018 and Friday 04.05.2018
Thursday 24.05.2018 and Friday 25.05.2018

February 4, 2018 - No Comments!

Talk with Daniel G. Siegel – The bullet hole misconception

vdb17fa MUC Talk: This talk has been previously premiered at VDB17 in Belgrade, on of the biggest technology conferences in eastern Europe, and we're happy to have Daniel on board in Munich!

Instead of using technology to replace people, we should use it to augment ourselves to do things that were previously impossible, to help us make our lives better. Daniel G. Siegel, functionalaesthetics member since 2015, will talk about the humane use of technology and how we can escape the present to invent the future.

The personal computer is only 50 years old yet we still haven't come to
terms with the power this medium grants us. It requires extraordinary
imagination to conceive new ways to work, think and interact with a new
medium. We hype new technologies such as AI, VR or driverless cars,
but they're only reflections, new projections of old technologies &
ideas, powered by progress we've made in hardware, not software.

We predict the future by extrapolating on what's there already. We
build our future based on our past and current experiences, and our
current knowledge shapes our current beliefs. But is that all we can

This talk will focus on how we can escape the present to invent the
future. It will explore the questions we must ask if we are to amplify
our human capabilities in creating applications and technologies.

Daniel G. Siegel is an independent digital strategy consultant. He
helps executives redefine how they connect to their clients and create
digital experiences. As the co-founder & former CTO of Not Just a
Label, the world’s leading designer platform in contemporary fashion,
and the experience from over 15 years of web development, Daniel knows
exactly how to connect to clients and create digital experiences.

When: Wed, 28th February 2018 – 7.00pm
RSVP: please register here – bitte hier anmelden 

functionalaesthetics | Munich
c/o Mates
Georgenstrasse 66
80799 München