Agile. We don't just do it –
we live it!


It is our business philosophy, which aims to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in achieving outcomes through a combination of flexibility and collaboration, in parallel with optimising tools and working environments. Agile is based on these principles:

Beck et al 2001 |

Individuals, interactions and tools

over processes

Working software

over comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration

over contract negotiation

Responding to change

over following a plan


These principles don’t provide concrete steps. We therefore make use of Scrum. Our digital products are built in a series of iterations that give our teams a framework for shipping and testing prototypes.


We’ve tried hard to create one unique agile company structure for designers and software developers working shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners – influential digital work is the product of talented individuals working together.

Agile working with a certain type of talented individuals: motivated, enterprising, and unafraid.

Know How
We're continuously optimising tools and our agile working environment to drive greater efficiency.

We use a dynamic combination of methods and agile frameworks to improve productivity.

Organisational growth is realised by teams and reliable partners who help us to set up an admin tool chain which makes our work more productive and more efficient.

Apart from our corporate structure, which leads us to a better way of developing the user experience, we are helping our clients to increase their innovative strength through Design Thinking. Both can be achieved through our User Experience Innovation approach. This approach comes out of respect for a core tenet at functionalaesthetics.

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